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About Us

We believe your IT systems should "just work" and be considered an asset, not a hindrance.

  • Our Mission

    Our objective is to help your businesses succeed in a time where IT systems have become an essential component rather than a luxury. We also want to take away your confusion and anxiety of dealing with an ever-changing IT landscape, because we want you to focus on your passions without distractions.

  • Our Promise

    We will provide custom tailored IT solutions to meet your needs and budget. Following industry best practices will always be considered the bare minimum acceptable approach. We will never hold your systems hostage. And, we will treat you with the same level of care and respect that we would our own family.

  • Our Passion

    We love exploring the ever-changing landscape of Information Technology. We love being challenged, we love problem solving, and love coming up with creative solutions. And, we love helping our customers peruse their passions and watching their businesses succeed.


A full-service approach to IT systems keeping your business running without interruption.

System Engineer

System Design

Compute and storage capcity, network planning, power and HVAC systems, security, fire suppression and more. Your system will be designed to meet present and future needs.

Wrench & Screwdriver

Equipment Installations

Everything from structured cabling, racking equipement, deploying desktops, laptops, configuring servers and networking equipment.

Monitor with gears

System Monitoring

Logging, trending, and alerting systems in place to watch for equipment failures, security breaches and for capacity planning.

'70s Robot'

Patch Management

Automated systems monitor and update your IT systems with the latest security patches and bug fixes.

People wearing a headset

Help Desk

Support is just a phone call, email, or instant message away. Whatever your troubles are, we'll help you through it.

Stack of disk drives

Disaster Recovery

Ransomware, sabotage, and equipment failures should never slow you down. Following backup and disaster recovery best practices, and leveraging best in class tools, you could be back online in as little as 15 minutes.

Clipboard with check boxes

Security and compliance Auditing

Helping you make sense of industry standards and best practices, your compliance obligations, and licensing requirements. In a world where everyone is an equal target for a cyber attack, we must always be vigilant.

Silhouette of person with a suit and tie

Virtual CIO

Policies, proceedures, planning, budgeting, procurement, and overall general management of your IT infrastructure. Let us focus on the infrastructure while you focus on what's important to your business.

Our Work

Here is a small sample of our recent projects.

Our Team

If you have a zeal for problem solving, a love of technology, and enjoy helping others, consider joining our team.

Craig Haydock
Craig Haydock


CEO & Senior System Engineer

Jeff Kornetzke
Jeff Kornetzke


Senior Electrical Engineer


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Our clients are our passion. They become our extended family. And, we have a zeal to help them succeed in their passions.



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